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Gil Bruvel
Gil Bruvel|American

Gil Bruvel, a famous American artist, has studied painting and sculpture for 30 years. He excels at creating and expressing artistic ideas with streamlines. As the son of a famous carpenter, Gil enjoys a unique vision in design and exquisite craftsmanship from an early age. He began to study painting and sculpture skills and served as an apprentice in an art restoration workshop at the age of nine, enabling him to have an in-depth understanding of art history and art genres in the 20th century through hands-on insight into techniques of the Old Masters. For Gil, the art world is a world where fantasy and reality coexist. With elegant and sinuous ribbons made out of stainless steel, he creates potential fluidity coexisting in physical, quantal, and metaphorical domains, conveying the subtle and complex intersection of humanity between beauty and pain, the inner and the outer, instant and eternity.