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Hu Tung-Min|Taiwan

The artist Hu Dongmin introduced: "The black granite is like jade and mountain stones, symbolizing the tempering that has lasted for a long time; the stainless steel turns into flowing clouds, showing the shape of winding, vigorous and vigorous, and it is also full of cursive fibers. Sense. The two materials show fortitude and modesty, and are still warm and zealous." Here, "Wandering" not only brings urbanites a bit of peace and comfort, but also gives us the strength to move forward through the burst of tension. As AART artistic director Lian Xuehui said: "AART is fortunate to have a house. In this era of omnipotence in art, we can work with the artist Hu Dongmin to mark the Guangzhou era to complete a pure artistic reverie. We Hope, public art condenses beautiful imagination, and we hope that public art can inspire more people to yearn for a better life."

Hu Tung-Min
Times China
Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Estate Developer
Times China
Art Consultancy