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Cynthia Sah
Cynthia Sah|American

Cynthia Sah, a Chinese-Italian sculptor, was born in Hong Kong in 1952 and grew up in Taiwan in the 1960s.

She received an MA in Art and Education from Columbia University. In her thirty-year career, Sah has accumulated a wealth of works and received the top award at the first Chinese Modern Sculpture Exhibition. She was also invited to participate in the “OPEN 2000” sculpture exhibition in Venice and elected as a member of Royal British Society of Sculptors. Her public art pieces are seen in Taiwan and around the world. These streamlined, simple, and elegant works fully express her minimalist aesthetics and the delicate changes in the texture of the material. Her works amaze people by their outstanding creativity and execution, earning many accolades from and being collected by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Azuchi-cho Cultural Center and Utsunomiya city in Japan, National Sculpture Park in Denmark, and many more. Recently, she has been commissioned to create sculptures for prestigious hotels, mansions, and landmarks in Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macau, collaborating with internationally-renowned architects to construct the artistic poetics of space.