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Yeo Chee Kiong
Yeo Chee Kiong|Singapore

Yeo Chee Kiong, a famous sculptor in Singapore, has several appointments including the President of the Sculpture Society in Singapore, Chairman of Telok Kurau Studios Management Committee in Singapore (2014-2015), Advisor of Norwegian Collaborative Organisation for Contemporary Art Abroad, Committee Member of Public Art Appraisal Committee, National Heritage Board (2010-13), Member of Young Artist Award’s Specialist Appraisal Panel, National Arts Council (2012-2013). He has devoted himself to studying the character shape and creating contemporary three-dimensional art for 20 years. Attracted by the ‘transcendental enchantment’ deduced by a French philosopher, he combined his thoughts with the grand view of the baseless and the invisible in Eastern philosophy, creating a series of works with ‘uncertainties’ and ‘paradoxes’ as the main spiritual axis of creation. He tries to capture the subtle emotional connection in the world, interprets the illusory moment with substantial materials, and wanders in overlapping scenes between day and night, light and shadow, reality and virtuality.