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Hu Tung-Min|Taiwan

Zhuhai is a livable coastal city with unique charm; Zhuhai Fisher Girl is the cultural representative of the city. The people of Zhuhai from generation to generation have passed down the moving legends of fishing. It is said that fishing is drunk in the beautiful natural scenery of Zhuhai area, and is determined to hang around here, leading Zhuhai by holding high the glittering pearls and the graceful dancing posture of confidence and upward. The direction of the citizens' navigation is a good blessing to the world. The artist Hu Dongmin extracted the beautiful dancing figure of Zhuhai fisher girl and combined it with the streamlined visual language of Peng Rui's "Feng Sheng Shui Qi" series of art IPs to create a new series of works-"Man Dance". "Man Dance" is placed in the center of the circular waterscape at the main entrance, at the intersection of the car and pedestrian circulation. With the unique arc-shaped flow belts interlacing each other, the surrounding movement echoes the flow of traffic and passing pedestrians, which enhances the vitality of the space atmosphere. Viewed from different angles, "Man Dance" will present different dance poses, using modern abstract techniques to reproduce the dancing charm of the Zhuhai fisher girl, as if she is telling her moving story to the people who come and go. With a flowing and upward posture, the whole work shows a rich dance rhythm, cyclical and reciprocating, with a beautiful meaning of infinite vitality and endless life. The holes created by the dislocation between the streams add the transparency and lightness of the artwork, and the unique texture of the fine polished reflection, sparkling in the sun, creating a dazzling and pleasant scenery.

Hu Tung-Min
Zhuhai-Macao Bay Century Center
Zhuhai, China
Estate Developer
Parkland Real Estate
Art Consultancy